Workshops & Scheduling

Depending on your goals and objectives the following workshops and options are offered:

Option 1

One hour Workshops

This is a great way to either begin a training and/or strategy session.

During the workshop, participants will step outside their normal roles and be placed in safe fun-filled situations that will have them relate to coworkers in a different way and open their minds to a more creative space.

Option 2

Half-day Workshops (3hr)

In this workshop the group is able to further explore many of the concepts presented in the one hour workshop.

A lot of laughter and stepping collaboratively into the unknown as the group fails their way to success!

Opportunities for the participants to open up and build trust are presented throughout the workshop.

Option 3

Full-day Workshops (6Hr)

A great opportunity to continue the momentum of building stronger bonds of trust and vulnerability and the rewards of doing so.

In this fun workshop the team will be given additional challenges involving smaller teams within the group at large.

Opportunities for significant advances will present themselves throughout the day.


Customized Team Building Workshops

Customized team building workshops for groups and business located in Toronto and the GTA.

As a company or group you may have some specific needs or a particular goal you would like to focus on during your team building workshops.

I would be more than happy to address any requirements you have and will put together a customized workshop based on your needs.

Before scheduling a workshop you have the option of contacting me via email or calling me directly so we can set up a free consultation for addressing any questions or concerns you may have.

My goal is to provide you with the best possible outcome that will meet your needs and at the same time demonstrate just how powerful Improv can be for team building.

For anyone who has an interest on an individual level and would like to learn more about how improv can help you when it comes to achieving success in the business world I also run a 10 week training program at Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technologies.

Contact me today for more information on scheduling a workshop and let me help you take your group or team to the next level.

David Boyce