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Learn about my workshops and the benefits of using improv to enhance your communication skills while letting your creative side out for some exercise.

Why do Improv?

Apart from the laughter and togetherness that a group experiences in an improv workshop, there is also a very practical benefit to improv.

It’s all in the head…literally. The human brain is comprised of two hemispheres known as left and right brain.

The left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and is known as the logical side. It is linear and sequential in thinking. It processes language and symbols and focuses on the past and the future, which makes it particularly adept at handling analytical challenges. Our educational system is designed to develop our problem solving strategies from a left brain perspective.

The right hemisphere controls the left side of the body and is known as the creative side. It is intuitive and boundless in it’s thinking. It is fearless and joyful in nature and processes non- verbal stimulus. Its focus is on the present moment. Consider the idea that we once approached the world from more of a right brain perspective, until we were trained over several years of schooling, to think from the left.

What does this have to do with improv?

Many of us think we can’t do improv. We get stuck in our head and can’t think of anything to say or do. What’s actually happening is that we are approaching this challenge from a left brain perspective as we have been trained to do. The problem is that left brain sucks at improv.

Right brain is standing idly by and will knock it out of the park if given the chance.

So who needs to do improv?

How would it be if in approaching our daily work challenges, in addition to utilizing our brilliantly logical left brain, we fired up our amazingly perceptive and intuitive right brain too!

Now obviously we can’t flick back and forth between left and right brain. That would be weird. But we can employ new strategies that will stimulate right brain and bring it into the fold.

Right brain strategies can help to :

Listen to understand, not just waiting for our turn to speak. A team that is listening is communicating.

Step a little out of our comfort zone. Be willing to risk failure to access success.

Be open to new ideas. Every idea gets a chance. Let’s see where this can take us.

We truly collaborate by focusing on our team members-not on ourselves and therein establish trust. This is fundamental to any team building activity.

In the Improv Workshop we get to explore and practice all of these strategies. And it’s fun!



David Boyce

About David Boyce Improv Toronto, Ontario, Canada


David became a professional actor in 1996 after completing the Second City Training Program.

Leaving his day job at a bank, he went on to land dozens of commercials as well as many roles in various TV series and feature films.

While remaining active in the industry, he has also been the improv instructor for Continuing Education at Seneca College since 2004, and is currently bringing improv-based team building workshops into the corporate world.