About My Workshops

Learn about my team building workshops and the benefits of using improv to enhance your communication skills while letting your creative side out for some exercise.

As a veteran improv performer and instructor at Seneca College I have taken what I feel is the best combination of the myriad of games and present them for your group to experience and enjoy first hand.

Because of my significant experience in facilitating workshops for government, financial services, medical services, and private sector companies, I am able to present the material in a way that makes participating highly enjoyable for even the shyest of folk.

If you would like to learn more about this workshop, please visit my contact page and send me an email or call me directly at the phone number provided.

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


About David Boyce Improv Toronto, Ontario, CanadaDavid Boyce became a professional actor in 1996 after completing the Second City Training Program.Leaving his day job at a bank, he went on to land dozens of commercials as well as many roles in various TV series and feature films.

While remaining active in the industry, he has also been the improv instructor for Continuing Education at Seneca College since 2004, and is currently bringing improv-based team building workshops into the corporate world.